Linkages Crucial to Well-being

Alex has helped me with many things over the last few years. After a recent reading his guidance has particularly helped in the management of my business. As a sole-proprietor, I frequently fall into a narrow focus on production or day-to-day demands and lose track of the bigger picture. In this reading, he helped me reconnect with why I love what I’m doing and how to be more mindful of the nuances of “how” I do what I do. This ranges from my communication with clients, setting my rate structure and being more grounded and present in the mostly solitary work that I do.

Over the years I’ve benefited from Alex’s advice and insights as a business coach, a health adviser and a spiritual guide. He has shown me how these things are all holistically linked together and all crucial to my well-being.

The optimism and power I can feel is priceless.

J.W. Western Montana

Guided in my Personal and Professional Life

Over the many years that I have known Alex, I have benefited from the deep listening that, integrated with his extraordinary psychic/intuitive ability, has guided and informed me in my personal and professional life.

Alex is “right on” in focusing past and current influences in relation to future possibilities.

Because of my experiences, I wholeheartedly encourage all who need insight into a situation to connect with Alex — it will be a connection worth making.

N.T., Santa Fe, NM

Deep Insights Helped Me

I came to Alex for spiritual counseling. His deep insights helped me in two major life situations: choosing to free myself from an unhealthy relationship, and preparing for the death of a parent.  He delivered messages in such a forthright way that my choices became clearer.  I came away with a strong commitment to make the changes required to move through these situations with greater ease and equanimity.

L. W., Santa Fe, NM