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Our DNA Has the Capability to Keep Us Healthy

Our DNA is our individual blueprint. It takes complete care of our bodies. Our bodies are constantly combating infection, viruses, diseases such as cancer, diabetes, etc. Our bodies are always trying to bring balance back to our system. DNA has the capability to keep us healthy. Our DNA works at a very small percentage of it’s potential, approximately only 30% allowing for disease to set in. If our DNA worked even at 60%, we would stay healthy.

What suppresses the DNA is our emotional baggage. As we work through and let go of this emotional baggage, our DNA starts to work more efficiently. When our DNA works more efficiently, not only do we stay healthy, but our Being (energy) vibrates at a higher level, thus allowing us to open up and work with the energies of ascension.

Many people are having a difficult time with these ascension energies when they don’t release old beliefs. They react with anger, depression, confusion, violence and despair.

It is very important that we become aware of these negative emotions and work to release them. Then we start to enjoy better health, as well as, a healthier way to respond to situations. As we grow more emotionally balanced, we see it in how other people see us and respond to us.