Don’t Be Manipulated!

It is important to start thinking with the heart, as opposed to, thinking with the brain to know how to make decisions.

Always ask yourself, “What makes me happy?”.

When we think with our minds, we need to filter through all the thoughts and opinions that we have ever been exposed to. Just imagine your mind as a murky sea of thoughts, thousands of them traveling aimlessly in different directions. How can you come to a clear decision with all that confusion in your mind?

But when feeling with your heart, you will feel either an expansion or a contraction with every question asked.

At the time of our birth, we come into our bodies with no judgements about anything except for physical discomfort or pleasure. Like a sponge, we start soaking up other people’s judgements, ideas and opinions, and personalize them. These are the concepts that we need to release and let go of.

In our society, we are continually bombarded with manipulative advertising and propaganda (disguised as “The Nightly News”), to influence the way we think and behave.

Fear is our greatest enemy. Fear is used to sell products and services, as well as, controlling us, so that we conform to be a passive society.

Most major corporations are run to make huge profits at our expense ( literally and figuratively ). We must become aware of the incredible deception that keep us away from our spiritual legacy and stay submerged in perpetual debt.

We will only find personal freedom if we break the chains of this thought and outside manipulation.

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