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Becoming Aware

Our culture has done everything possible to create complete distraction in our lives from every technological gadget (presumably to make our lives simpler) to the media bombarding us with every celebrity misstep to intense advertising of products that we supposedly couldn’t live without.  These distractions may never go away.  But we do have the power to minimize our exposure to them.

Without awareness, these distractions can take over our beings.  But when we wake up to the effect that this has on us, we can eliminate these influences from our lives.

How do you become more aware?  Start paying attention.  Pay attention to what?  When you hear the same bit of information again and again. Or when a dream sticks with you. Or when your over hear a conversation and you hear something that pertains to your own situation.

These circumstances are not coincidental, they are the Universe trying to inform you of something.

Do not take any sign or omen for granted.  Paying attention and being aware is the new paradigm.

With the new energies of the new paradigm, we are becoming multidimensional beings, or more specifically, becoming our true essence, which is spiritual beings.

This way of being allows us to see a situation beyond the third dimension.  Understand that what we thought something meant, has a totally different meaning or more than one meaning.  So not just seeing it at face value, but seeing it in every way it is affecting us.

Belief systems are thoughts that we accept as truth.  This belief or thought is an energy thread.  When you have that thought, and it leaves your being, it goes out and connects with  similar belief or thought energies (this can be a person or situation).  So then, you and this person or situation have the common thread which guarantees that both parties experience what your belief system knows is true, as in the case of my friend and his new car.

It is necessary after having a “bad” experience, to go back into your past and investigate where you learned this belief.  Who does this person remind you of?  In almost every case it is either the father, mother or another influential adult.  Becoming aware of when or how your belief began, brings clarity to the situation.

Our society sells us this idea (again a belief) of white picket fences and a perfect childhood and family life that gives us a false sense of security and normality.  To be honest, I usually don’t trust many people who say that they have had the happiest and most perfect childhood.  Many people are in denial.  The perfect childhood does not exist, because that is when we learn and adopt our belief system from our parents.

When you quiet yourself and pay attention, certain emotions will come up for you to identify such as fear, anger or jealousy.  As you claim and accept each negative emotion you diffuse their power allowing healing to begin.

Our emotions are not who we are, but are a catalyst in the process of releasing old patterns.

Our bodies, also not being who we really are, help us to become aware of what emotions we need to let go of.  Our emotions can cause disease in our bodies. Once we let go of negative emotions, we start to heal.

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