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Becoming Aware of Your Emotional Baggage

Honesty with ourselves is a priority. We should ask ourselves:

What do I really want?

Why haven’t I ever received it?

What do I need to change in my beliefs in order to receive what I want?

When we become totally honest with ourselves is when we get insight into the problem. We create the awareness needed to emotionally evolve and move forward in our life.

When we do not face our emotional baggage, it can manifest in our bodies creating disease. So our bodies and our emotions will tell us what issues to look at.

Where do you hurt? What Chakra is associated with that pain or condition?

A client had experienced an altercation with someone. She kept telling me that her stomach hurt. I told her that her stomach is related to her Solar Plexes Chakra, and that she experienced an ache in her stomach because this situation made her feel powerless. The Solar Plexes Chakra relates to will power and being in your power.

Once she became aware of this, her stomach stopped hurting.

It is also my experience that all negative emotions result from a lack of power.

I’ve had many clients say that they have a hard time dealing with a certain person. Then I will ask, what would make you feel more empowered or in control of the situation?

There are many ways that we can take our power back from another person or situation.

If someone calls us on the phone and is always pushing our buttons, we can either limit the conversation to say, ten minutes, or limit the conversation to only certain subjects that do nor irritate us, or just stop taking their calls altogether.

When we can define our boundaries, we start gaining back our personal power.
Now, another way of looking at this, is when someone pushes your buttons, ask yourself, who does this remind you of?

I had a client whom I had a difficult time with. I just could not satisfy her or make her happy. I got irritated with her and made the decision not to see her again.

When I asked myself “Who did she remind me of?” I thought,”Oh my God, she was like my mother”. My mother was very narcissistic and very critical of me. Either I couldn’t do anything right or I could definitely do better.
This client actually gave me a gift by bringing the belief of mine to my attention. I promptly worked on releasing these “beliefs” about myself.

Four months later, this client called for another session. I thought to myself, I know I decided to not see her again, but as an experiment, I would see her to test if the work I had done would result in a different experience. Sure enough, she was not critical or negative and did not complain about anything. She was happy with her session and remained in my power.

At that point, I made the connection between how we feel about ourselves (our belief system) and what experience we bring to us.

Thoughts are energy. When we believe a “truth” about who we are (thought – energy), we attract a situation that proves our belief to be true.

If we can change a belief to a more favorable and positive one, then we can also change what we experience to a more favorable one.

By doing these two things (creating boundaries and changing old beliefs), we are able to take back our power and stay in our power.