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The Ascension Process

Are you ready for the ascension process that is happening right now? Planet Earth, along with every human, animal, plant and mineral upon it, is being nudged to raise its vibration.

As more light comes onto the planet, we experience “growing pains” that are forcing us to let go of the old paradigm and our own personal issues.

Along with outdated concepts on community, government, religion and economy, the way we react and respond to all things is being challenged.

We often find that current and past life influences have imprisoned our emotional and mental state, prohibiting us from raising our vibration along with our planet and Universe.

When we resist releasing old patterns, we cease to be in the flow of the Universe, and we experience stronger negative backlash within our lives.

Letting go of these patterns allows our vibration to rise, resulting in an increased feeling of joy, happiness and inner peace. And inner peace alters the way that we react to our personal challenges and to others.

There are many ways and techniques to process and release old issues. Find someone you feel comfortable with. However, beware of anyone who says that they can heal you without any effort on your behalf. Nobody can do the work for you.

Each of us incarnated into a physical body specifically to do this very important work: releasing the old so that we can create the new. When we work through current and past life issues we are able to heal ourselves. It is also important that you are committed to doing the work and to accepting the healing without resistance.

Many times we resist growth. The reason for this is that the Supreme force (or God) consists of everything – good and bad, light and dark, and every other polar opposite. Think of it this way, you have spirit and light and on one end of the spectrum and darkness and density on the other. Since we are in a physical body (density) we are spirit and matter combined.

As we become more saturated with light and as we evolve, the duality of our being begins to separate in the different directions of polarity, causing resistance. And that is when we feel anxiety and depression and an all-around feeling of uneasiness in our body.

But this uneasiness is only temporary and soon gives way to a feeling of peacefulness and wellbeing, until the next release. Just know that with each release it becomes less and less intense.

Ultimately, we are not pulled back into the drama of our lives, but experience a stillness that allows us to view things in a more detached way.

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Written by Alex of Avalon, www.alexofavalon.com