Simplify For Less Stress

Let me start this chapter by just saying, that I do not denounce material wealth in anyway. We are in physical bodies to experience and enjoy money and what it buys. However, when our pursuit of money leads us to be out of balance with the rest of our being, it can cause what any imbalance can cause, stress and disease.

Why are we so compelled to buy the latest model automobile or electronic device? Is it to make life easier for ourselves? Or is it to show others how successful and trendy we are?

Let’s see, if we work harder to keep buying things that will make our lives easier, aren’t we still working harder than ever? And how does having more material things really make our lives easier?
This success oriented myth has been swallowed by us hook, line and sinker.

I always wonder how the Europeans, that I have known, work less than Americans, but enjoy fuller, richer lives on less money. If you have ever had the opportunity to see how most Europeans live, then you know that they either live in very small homes or flats. Most TVs are about 19” and all other appliances, furniture, automobiles, etc. also tend to be small. Why are Americans so obsessed with bigger is better, or even more expensive is better.

The secret to less stress is simplicity. We MUST learn to live our lives in a more simple way.

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