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The Ascension Process

Are you ready for the ascension process that is happening right now? Planet Earth, along with every human, animal, plant and mineral upon it, is being nudged to raise its vibration.

As more light comes onto the planet, we experience “growing pains” that are forcing us to let go of the old paradigm and our own personal issues.

Along with outdated concepts on community, government, religion and economy, the way we react and respond to all things is being challenged.

We often find that current and past life influences have imprisoned our emotional and mental state, prohibiting us from raising our vibration along with our planet and Universe.

When we resist releasing old patterns, we cease to be in the flow of the Universe, and we experience stronger negative backlash within our lives.

Letting go of these patterns allows our vibration to rise, resulting in an increased feeling of joy, happiness and inner peace. And inner peace alters the way that we react to our personal challenges and to others.

There are many ways and techniques to process and release old issues. Find someone you feel comfortable with. However, beware of anyone who says that they can heal you without any effort on your behalf. Nobody can do the work for you.

Each of us incarnated into a physical body specifically to do this very important work: releasing the old so that we can create the new. When we work through current and past life issues we are able to heal ourselves. It is also important that you are committed to doing the work and to accepting the healing without resistance.

Many times we resist growth. The reason for this is that the Supreme force (or God) consists of everything – good and bad, light and dark, and every other polar opposite. Think of it this way, you have spirit and light and on one end of the spectrum and darkness and density on the other. Since we are in a physical body (density) we are spirit and matter combined.

As we become more saturated with light and as we evolve, the duality of our being begins to separate in the different directions of polarity, causing resistance. And that is when we feel anxiety and depression and an all-around feeling of uneasiness in our body.

But this uneasiness is only temporary and soon gives way to a feeling of peacefulness and wellbeing, until the next release. Just know that with each release it becomes less and less intense.

Ultimately, we are not pulled back into the drama of our lives, but experience a stillness that allows us to view things in a more detached way.

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Written by Alex of Avalon, www.alexofavalon.com

Becoming Aware

Our culture has done everything possible to create complete distraction in our lives from every technological gadget (presumably to make our lives simpler) to the media bombarding us with every celebrity misstep to intense advertising of products that we supposedly couldn’t live without.  These distractions may never go away.  But we do have the power to minimize our exposure to them.

Without awareness, these distractions can take over our beings.  But when we wake up to the effect that this has on us, we can eliminate these influences from our lives.

How do you become more aware?  Start paying attention.  Pay attention to what?  When you hear the same bit of information again and again. Or when a dream sticks with you. Or when your over hear a conversation and you hear something that pertains to your own situation.

These circumstances are not coincidental, they are the Universe trying to inform you of something.

Do not take any sign or omen for granted.  Paying attention and being aware is the new paradigm.

With the new energies of the new paradigm, we are becoming multidimensional beings, or more specifically, becoming our true essence, which is spiritual beings.

This way of being allows us to see a situation beyond the third dimension.  Understand that what we thought something meant, has a totally different meaning or more than one meaning.  So not just seeing it at face value, but seeing it in every way it is affecting us.

Belief systems are thoughts that we accept as truth.  This belief or thought is an energy thread.  When you have that thought, and it leaves your being, it goes out and connects with  similar belief or thought energies (this can be a person or situation).  So then, you and this person or situation have the common thread which guarantees that both parties experience what your belief system knows is true, as in the case of my friend and his new car.

It is necessary after having a “bad” experience, to go back into your past and investigate where you learned this belief.  Who does this person remind you of?  In almost every case it is either the father, mother or another influential adult.  Becoming aware of when or how your belief began, brings clarity to the situation.

Our society sells us this idea (again a belief) of white picket fences and a perfect childhood and family life that gives us a false sense of security and normality.  To be honest, I usually don’t trust many people who say that they have had the happiest and most perfect childhood.  Many people are in denial.  The perfect childhood does not exist, because that is when we learn and adopt our belief system from our parents.

When you quiet yourself and pay attention, certain emotions will come up for you to identify such as fear, anger or jealousy.  As you claim and accept each negative emotion you diffuse their power allowing healing to begin.

Our emotions are not who we are, but are a catalyst in the process of releasing old patterns.

Our bodies, also not being who we really are, help us to become aware of what emotions we need to let go of.  Our emotions can cause disease in our bodies. Once we let go of negative emotions, we start to heal.

These writings may be reproduced in entirety but must include the following details:
Written by Alex of Avalon, www.alexofavalon.com

A New Paradigm


By now, most people have heard of the mystery that surrounded December 21, 2012. Many theories have emerged, including an apocalyptic end of the planet and all humanity. Of course, that did not happen.

An end of sorts is happening, however, at this moment in history. We are being given a choice: do we want to end the way we have been living our lives? We can choose to live our lives differently. In a new way.

We can stop living our lives according to our old belief system or paradigm.


When we are very young, we are like little sponges absorbing every belief, gesture and nuance from our parents who have learned their beliefs from their parents, each generation coloring these beliefs according to their own life experiences. Inevitably, we follow the same pattern.

These beliefs could be any number of things including:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Not deserving money
  • Having a loving relationship
  • Being either anorexic or overweight
  • Feeling unattractive,
  • etc.

When we hold on to a belief, it serves as our truth– and that truth keeps manifesting time and time again. I’m sure you’ve heard of someone who grew up with an alcoholic parent and as an adult keeps unintentionally and quite subconsciously keep meeting and getting involved with alcoholics.

Years ago, I had a very good friend who was a very warm and generous person but who had the belief that he was undeserving. He always drove an old car, and was thinking of purchasing another used car. I asked him why he didn’t ever consider buying a new car so that he wouldn’t have to continuously pay for mechanical problems. He told me that he feared buying new cars because of a fear of buying a “lemon”.

Of course I didn’t understand his fear because I always bought new cars and never had a problem with them.

About a year later, he purchased a car that was new. Almost immediately after he bought it he started having trouble with it. He exclaimed to me “You see, that’s why I don’t buy new cars”.

I realized he had manifested his belief. Our belief system will always prove that it’s right, and because of this, we are entirely responsible for what we draw to us. That is why it is very important that we become very aware of what and how we think at all times.

I have often heard stories of people that have broken up with a partner or divorced a spouse ranting about how horrible their “ex” was and so on. I point out to them that they were a willing participant in the relationship and need to take responsibility for their part in it. The normal response is pointing the finger at the other person, but it is their belief system that attracted them to this situation in the first place.

When we take responsibility and understand our part in the situation, we start to heal the dysfunction as we begin to change our paradigm to accept a new way of living and thinking. We then can start attracting relationships that are healthy and not destructive.

Awareness Is Everything.

We must become aware of our emotional baggage and being honest with ourselves is crucial. We must ask ourselves:

  • What do I really want in my life?
  • Why haven’t I ever received it?
  • What do I need to change in my beliefs in order to receive what I want?

When we become totally honest with ourselves is when we get insight into the problem, that creates the awareness we need to emotionally evolve and move forward with our life.

These writings may be reproduced in entirety but must include the following details:
Written by Alex of Avalon, www.alexofavalon.com